#13 Prince Valorius

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Here we have Prince Valorius, who has an insatiable appetite for women and laying around, or so he wants the general of the empire’s army to think. When it became clear to the Emperor that his son did not share the same Imperial goals, Valorius was sent to learn how great being in charge of an empire could be by leading the army. At first Valorius tried to stop all the imperial conquesting, but was thoroughly overruled by the general, who believed Valorius to be nothing more than a coward and a spoiled brat. Eventually, Valorius realized that the only power he actually had was in collecting all the captured women of the conquered cities onto his own “harem” to keep them away from the other soldier’s dubious tastes. The harem grew almost as large as the army itself, which gave Valorius and idea. He threw himself whole-heartedly into the role of a lazy, sex-crazed entitled brat all the while training the women of the harem to fight so that one day he could overthrow the general and bring about the changes that he wants to make.

Bonus character: Vaolrius’ head tactician Jacinda! She’s gotten Valorius to promise that when they take control of the army, she gets to take her personal revenge on the general.

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