#14 Craig O’Connell

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Craig O’Connell is a salesman that currently specializes in the latest and greatest technological innovations. His clientele of the moment is the surplus of amateur archaeologists in Egypt, to whom he sells machines that aid in excavation, which are usually very fast, very loud and very destructive. His only interest is in making a quick buck and he has little to no scruples about defacing the monuments of the ancients. This has made a quick enemy of Beryl Hartsford, who has nothing but reverence for the ancient monuments. Craig is able to annoy Beryl greatly by forming a tenuous friendship with her brother, due to Reggie’s fascination with Craig’s machines.

(By the way, I have no idea what the machine he’s leaning on is supposed to be, I just started drawing and out came that thing. Maybe it’s a power washer?)

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