#17 and #18 – Steven and Spring

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Though mostly a regulatory agency, there are certain instances where the NMSA feels the need to tip the scales a bit. In such circumstances, Steven Godwin is the man they call. Not officially an agent of the NMSA, Steven is the guy they call when they need someone to hang around in back alleys, or make sure that someone loses a specific match. Mr. Godwin likes to think of himself as a consummate professional who does what needs to be done, but in reality he’s more of an amoral gangster.

As he’s not an official NMSA agent, Mr. Godwin is allowed to use a critter of his own design. Though not a particularly imaginative beast, Spring is built to get jobs done; a master of ambush tactics, Spring can use its tapeworm-like body to fit into very small areas, or wind itself up in order to unleash a powerful whip-like strike. Spring’s overall poor condition is a testament to Steven’s skillset; he has no idea how to maintain or repair Spring, and sending it to Stygia for repairs might reveal details of Mr. Godwin’s line of work.

The keywords I got for these two were Geometric, Thin, One pair of wings, Cracked, Grabby Hands, and Gears. I feel like I’ve been getting Gears and Wings a lot, but that’s okay. There’s a lot you can do with those keywords. Also, we’ve been on kind of a run of jerk characters here lately, which I hope turns around soon. These guys are depressing. 😛

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