#18 – The River Rats

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These are The River Rats, particularly the notable members of this crew of pirates; from the top going clockwise, Ofeen, a half-elf cleric, her brother Kelson, a half-elf rogue, Shield, a dwarf fighter, and Sabre, an elf fighter.

When their ship was commandeered, they ended up slumming around the port of Mission. There they had a chance encounter with the party, who had just gained ownership of a brand new schooner without enough hands to man it. The party expressed interest in hiring them, as they appeared to be the only folks at the port who looked like weathered sailors; most of the folk at port were fisherman or coastal merchants. Hoping to hijack the boat, their de facto leader Kelson offered a seemingly harmless challenge; a friendly sparring match to see if the party was worth working for.

The match escalated to a straight-up brawl in which the party claimed victory. With their original ship commandeered and their  egos bruised they were ready to call it a day, but the party offered a second chance. To crew their ship, join on their adventures. They were given a shot at redemption.

They took it.

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