#15 E’mo

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E’mo holding a mask of a Gakano woman


While she lived, historian Takeha Motoko of Nippon who studied the elusive mountain people, the Gakano, or Gakuno as mountain dwellers call them. She was very artistic and creative; she loved to carve and paint, and she created masks based on the faces of the Gakano people she met. She became very close to them and even considered moving into the dark caverns the Gakano spent their entire lives in. Unfortunately, the Takeha clan, a loyalty-based and solitary people, saw this as Motoko abandoning their clan, and they threatened her with extreme punishment if she continued to become close to the Gakano. She refused to give up her life’s work and fled to Masayama, or the City of Mountains. Within the year, Takeha Motoko was found and killed by hired Takeha assassins. Now she’s said to roam the summit of Masayama; eyewitnesses say they’ve seen her with various masks of Gakano faces.

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