30 character challange 2012 nr 2: The Black Baron

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The Black Baron

Baron had everything, wealth, surrounded by friends and a beautiful wife bearing their first child. his home and town was a sight for the eyes. Baron was living a happy life, until one day when a mysterious giant appeared in front of him.

The giant being referred himself as “the man of faith” and told him that in 3 days time, a black beast would arrive to this town and destroy it, including everything Baron cared for. After informing him about what would come, “the man of faith” disappear.

Afraid of losing everything he had and loved, Baron seek out “the man of faith” and on the third day he found him. believing that the giant would be the one to destroy his home, Baron plead to him to spare them.

The giant agreed that he would spare them, but only if Baron would become his servant, which Baron promise.

When the deal was settled, the giant, change his appearance and form to his likening and left him.

Faith kept his promise… But what Baron didn’t know was that he himself would become the black beast, a monster that destroys anything in it’s path, destroying the very thing he was trying to protect.

It is said that you can hear his cry of sorrow, on a dark night…


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