#6 – Fiddenmar & #7 – Kolag

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This is Fiddenmar & Kolag, a couple of notable NPC’s in a campaign some friends of mine play in.

Fiddenmar is a halfling (hobbit) merchant while Kolag is a goliath (similar to giant) barbarian.

They were your typical entry-game npcs; playful merchant that grants an initial quest, and her stone-faced bodyguard. But as the party’s adventures centralized in Fiddenmar’s city of service, she and Kolag continued having run-ins with the party.

Through the players’ exploits, the two have grown substantially wealthy and continue to provide the party access to higher level goods (at a price) and opportunities for further adventure.

Fun fact: Kolag got inspiration for his name from Jared‘s first D&D character, a goliath barbarian named Lokag.

edit: my bad about missing a day, tuesdays are my long days at class/work.

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