Day 15 | Shooting Star

| November 15, 2012 | 3 Comments

2012 – DAY 15

All characters are created by my 5 year-old son, The Junior Partner.  He has either drawn these characters on his own and I have recreated them here, or he has sat at my elbow dictating design and conceptual ideas like a creative, but frenetic, taskmaster.


Shooting Star is actually a villain.  A creature made from an exploding star, Shooting Star is like a cosmic Venom.  The energy possesses a human or alien or other creature and then the “firey star powers” take control.  Shooting Star has the ability to fly through space and convert whatever being it currently possess into various forms of cosmic and electromagnetic energy.  Shooting Star likes to create fireballs of “star energy” to hurl at his opponents.


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Teacher, Playwright, Performer & Superhero Enthusiast. My first crayon drawings were of Superman and Captain America. I always wanted to draw comics but never followed that passion beyond some self-published zines and forays into early internet comics. I've worked in various aspects of graphic design and fooled around with a spray can at various stages of my life, keeping my pen busy and full of various inspirations for the doodles in the margins of my notebooks. Inheriting an iPad changed my productivity with the ability to draw, edit, color and post onto the internet via one device in the limited time I have to mess around with my doodles and drawings. My 5-year-old son is my biggest fan and the main reason for my artistic renaissance. He's the reason I'm drawing more often and the person I draw the most for. For the 30 CHARACTERS challenge this year, he is my co-conspirator and collaborator. His excitement and innocent love of superheroes and drawing has kept my inner cynic/critic at bay and we are having a blast this year making up a whole new universe of heroes, robots and monsters for the internet. -updated Oct. 2012

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  1. mortalli says:

    I specially like this one.

    So ask the JP sometime: who would win in a battle: Shooting Star or Blue Lightning?

    • Beausephus says:

      His answer would be “Batman.”

      He’s cagey about villains based on his exposure to cartoons and comics. It’s okay for the heroes and “big” villains to cross over, but when he’s making stories up original characters have their own villains who never exist outside that character’s sphere of influence. The Batman Legos do not interfere with the Avengers legos. He’s very adamant about that. This character is the villain of “ROCKETMAN” who may not make it into the contest this month, but is just a guy in armor that looks like a jet…he really looks like an old Starscream Transformer, but that’s a flaw n my design.

  2. mortalli says:

    I understand. I used to eat my TV dinners the exact same way =).

    However, I always played the “Who’d Win?” game between DC and Marvel. I had to wait until I was an adult (legally) before I ever got to read the Superman-Spider-Man crossover. And it definitely wasn’t worth the wait.

    But I respect his boundaries. ***

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