#15 – Krum

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This is Krum, a dragonborn paladin played by my buddy Jared in a one-shot adventure we ran a while back.

Krum’s been retired as a PC and demoted to an NPC in our current campaign. Outside of experimenting with the paladin class, I don’t think Jared had any plans for Krum. So I took a few liberties with him.

Krum lost faith in his old god, traded in his church for a tavern, and exclusively only tithed to beer and wine. Despite losing faith and the inherent powers granted to a paladin therein, he’s still a capable and ferocious warrior.

Krum, along with two other friends,┬áhad fought alongside the main party early in the campaign as hired swords working for Fiddenmar. As their quests became completed, Krum had refused the party’s offer to join their crew; to stay and “defend” his city, particularly his city’s pubs.

Concerning the fumes around his face, I don’t recall which element of Dragon Breath Jared chose. Can just say it’s beer breath for now.

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