#16 – Gualichu

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This is Gualichu, a tiefling warlock played by my buddy Jarrod in a one-shot we ran almost 2 years ago to get a bunch of my buddies acquainted with D&D.

He’s since been retired and is now an NPC in our current campaign. Much like a lot of notable NPC’s, he’s a callback to our old characters and his demeanor is drawn from how he was portrayed back then.

In our campaign tieflings, a person with demonic/fiendish lineage, look more like the 3rd ed. versions (a person with devil horns, maybe sharp teeth, a tail, hooves) instead of the straight up big horn devil guy from Legend looking demon people of 4th ed. They’re pretty rare as well, which is why I gave him a kimono/eastern motif to his outfit/hair. As it would be rare to see a feudal samurai in medieval england, it’s rare to see a tiefling running around in Amerath.

He’s essentially the ‘wizard’ of the npc gang who fought alongside the party in their early adventures.

Fun fact: Gualichu is permanently scowling because back in his level 1 days, he was forced to kill a fellow adventurer with a point blank Eldritch Blast to the face. (whattup nando)

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