Day 16: Drum Keeper Grun

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Like all the young goblins of the Blunt Tusk Clan, Grun dreamed of being a warrior of his people. But his small frame and weak lungs prevented his acceptance into the class of warriors. When the Clan marched to war, he was not allowed to carry the proud shield and ax of his beloved horde. Instead he was allowed to be a Drum Keeper, to keep the tempo of both march and battle. His frailty might have been his curse, but it was also what saved him when the Black Thunder Clan swept upon the Blunt Tusks in the night, forsaking the rules of honorable combat and annihilating their ranks. Grun, pushed aside and overlooked, was the only one to survive. And now, without ax, without title, only with his drums and his determination, he is the only one who can make it back to warn the rest of his clan. 

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