DAY 25: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents: THE NEXT KIND’S HAHLKRUL

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On the distant world of Jorol, 3 million years have passed since our time.  The descendants of mankind have spread out amongst the universe.  Seven offshoots of humanity have colonized and built civilizations on this planet.  One of these cultures is that of the Sparron, a group of post humans that have evolved bird like traits that have allowed them to be able to fly, and reproduce from egglaying.  Out of the seven nations the Triumvirate of Sparron is most opened to trade and opened relations with its neighbors.  They are regarded as not only the great merchant state, but also that of transportation and logistics. They are usually brought in as well as 3rd party negotiators in disputes between the other nation states of Jorol.  This has led them to adopt a stance of neutrality throughout the centuries.

One of these negotiators is Tricouncilate Hahlkel, who spent many years as ambassador before being elected to the Triumvirate.  His daughter Hahlkrul had assumed his position as Ambassador to Norlympia.  It was her who aided Doule out of Kortha and lent her advise and aid to rally the seven nations together take on the threat of the Dahl Wraithes.  Although she is often used in an advisory and diplomatic capacity, she is also a formidable warrior in her own right.

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Dan Nokes is the sequential guru of the Southern Maryland DIY Revolution! When not wandering the uncharted wilderness of Lusby, MD in a supernaturally induced blood fever, he is the head of a little one man band called 21st Century Sandshark Studios. This bastion of indie comic goodness has to date put out a 67 page graphic novel (The Reptile and Mister Amazing 2002) a 12 issue maxi series (The Paranormals 2003-2008) a three issue western (The Pistoleers 2008-2010) and is currently working on the second and final volume of his dystopian classic (Adam and Eve: Bizarre Love Triangle in the Zombie Apocalypse 2011-2012) He is also working on illustration duties for Nick Davis' upcoming children's book (Unconditional: A Teddy Bear's Tale 2011). His future projects include his forray into webcomics with his Sci-fi comedy (Impossible Space Tales from The Last Pitt Stop) and a return to Super Hero Lore (The Reptile and Mister Amazing: The Return of Kat Carson)!

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