Abdara the brilliant psychopath

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Insanity is but a fine line away from the state of being a genius.

One can also say that Insanity is the catalyst that fuels the brilliance of a genius. Afterall,  most brilliant inventions  come of as abstract and crazy ideas to begin with.

Like an unstable and powerful compound of boundless potential, the mind of Abdara conquers all with the power of science.

Abdara’s powerful intellect comes from a thirst, no- a lust for knowledge. Astral physics, Necromancy, Alchemy, Geomancy, Sorcery -you name it, Abdara has dabbled in them all, for he believes that “Magic” (or Magick) are but sciences that are yet to be comprehended.

With his vast understanding of the physical and arcane sciences, Abdara weaves and creates inventions like an artist painting a masterpiece.  Weapons of unimaginable, terrifying power, War-machines capable of mass destruction, Interdimensional gateways, and Elixirs that allow one to survive without nourishment for months with just a sip, were some of the many ideas that Abdara conjured.

Under the leadership of the Emperor, Abdara was promised resources, and his own laboratory (lair) to serve the Empire. The Mirage Raiders were one of the many inventions that Abdara created to proof his loyalty to the Empire.


“His insane ideas has brought us to an age of advancement centuries, no, millennia ahead of our time.”- The Emperor




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