#1 The Gentleman Anteater

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BEHOLD! THE MIGHTY GENTLEMAN ANTEATER. Genetically crafted to be brilliant and sizably larger than most anteaters, he lost his mind when the scientists at the lab began using Raid to disperse an ant infestation. Seeing this as a waste and an affront to nature, he became an eco-terrorist, determined to bring mankind to its knees. However, he quickly found this life to be quite un-fulfilling  and lonely, as he found most eco-terrorists to be ideological windbags heavy on rhetoric and low on brains. His schemes slowly lost their environmental tilt, and became more lucrative and nefarious as time went on.

Many years have passed, and the Gentleman Anteater has since retired to his estate, where he spends his days isolated, enjoying the finery he has collected. While he still occasionally flies into rages reminiscent of his old self, his advanced age and blossoming senility leave him best described as quite mad, but delightfully so. These days he’s more likely to offer you a scotch than rob and disembowel you, but that’s only if he can remember where he left his monocle — he’s near blind without it.



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Hello all, my name is Dan and I’m a student at The University of Toronto. I’m taking this challenge as I have recently started doing a lot of less creative and more corporate style work at both my jobs (I work as a PR intern and run a college newspaper), and I really want a chance to explore my own narratives. That being said, I didn’t want to do Novel November again and I’ve been looking for something to help me kick start my failed stalled webcomic for some time, so this challenge seemed perfect. I’m more of a photographer/writer, but I’d like to at least challenge myself to sketch the characters I create this month. If you want to follow my things, I can be found on Tumblr and Twitter.

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