Jonathan Davis

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Hello there. Today it’s the 1st of November, 2099. I hid inside this bunker and now I may be writing my final words. The war is raging outside. I got shot. I ran out of ammo. I can feel my boiling blood gushing restless. I was supposed to be out there, using my skills with the explosives, so that I’ll take out the landmines and plant bombs in enemy buildings and general constructions. Instead of that, I am hiding in here. I am such a coward, aren’t I? I so wish I could get back home for Christmas, see my child and my husband before getting back to the frontline. I don’t think that this will happen. It’s probably all over, my fate got written and instead of making my country proud for the last time, I am hiding in the bunker. I promised to fight until my last breath, until my last blood drop. I lied, apparently. So, I am just sitting here, the sweat escaping my blond locks, rolling on my pale face. Pale because of the blood, I am darker, to be honest. And a failure. What a failure. That’s me now. A coward. I won’t be cheating death for longer. I should as well go out there and take it like a man.

My name is Jonathan Davis. Nice to meet you. I will miss you. Goodbye.

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