2 – Soracha Waterleaf

| November 2, 2011 | 9 Comments

The eldest of the Greengem Triplets by a full five minutes, Soracha was born with magic in her blood and the spitting image of her mother, save for her father’s sparkling green eyes. Raised by her wizard parents, she was always at odds with her sisters and was often accused of being their favorite. At 14 she was apprenticed to Rowan, The Golden Lady of Keste. Under her tutelage she learned the secrets of all manners of  arcane arts, but it seemed she had a special talent for Enchantment.  While there, she fell in love with The Golden Lady’s only son, Lucas.  Now, at the age of 18, the Enchantress has changed her last name to her mother’s and she and her beau have struck out on their own and have returned to the prime realm where they search for their lost home.

Category: Fantasy

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34 year old video game concept artist. live in Halifax NS with his beautiful wife, and his tiny despotic (but cute) 4 year old son. Freelancin' it up in freelance town.

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  1. thiever says:

    love the details and her color scheme

  2. Michael Perridge says:

    Good skills and great colours!

  3. frodog28 says:

    She’s beautiful, like a sorceress Beyonce. Good work.

  4. Octrapenny says:

    NIce work, Matt.

  5. saulone says:

    Great work on the clothing and the pose. I would love to see the pencils on this one!

  6. Kerry Harris says:

    1) Sasha HAS green eyes.

    2) Rowan HAS two sons.


    Awesome picture. You rock!

  7. jcwell01 says:

    This is great, absolutely amazing.

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