#3 Hans

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Age: Around late 30’s
Place of Origin: Island of Mahgaia
Height: 5′ 7′
Eye color: Mud brown

Hans has always been a trouble maker, barely talks about himself, only to captain Zohar he is more open to
because Zohar broke him out of Jail after learning Hans preceding reputation (if that is really his name).
Hans has looted the most prestigious forts, mansions, and market places; making him one of the most wanted
sea dog in the 10 seas. He keeps his shackle in place as allegiance to Zohar and a reminder of his promise
to help Zohar in his quest. Hans is rude to those he does not know, specially new crew members. He takes all
and gives nothing back, ruthless and ambitious always ready for a shakedown. Hans does not like to be disturbed
when he sleeps and likes the fines meals so he has made sure to be the cook of the ship… “he is our cook!”

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