#4 – Sabille

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Sabille is the fairy guardian of Menesia, Empress of Akaya.  Menesia is the daughter (and only child) of Belatee, the Goddess of Fate, so the fairy chosen to be her closest companion and protector had to be very special.  Although Sabby, as she’s known to her friends, isn’t the oldest or most powerful fairy (she’s midrange in both aspects being just under the fifteen hundred year age mark), she’s one of the most clever.

Not just wise or intelligent, Sabille has a quick, clever mind that allows her to plan ahead for almost every possible situation, so the likelihood of her ward even getting into trouble is slim and her being in some trouble that Sabille can’t get her out of quickly is practically impossible.

She’s also witty and funny, as well as exceptionally brave.  Her biggest problem is that she knows she’s clever and can be arrogant at times.  Being outwitted is one of the most humiliating things that can happen to her and whenever Belatee feels Sabby is getting too arrogant and egotistical she makes sure to send someone to put Sabby back in her place.

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