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Today’s characters are more new ideas for my webcomic Doodze. Let me give you a quick introduction…

#5 – Sukanus is one of the village elders of Bamboora.  He’s pretty much as sleepy as he looks… ALL the time… and has a bad habit of falling asleep at the most inconvenient or awkward moments, such as in the middle of a meeting of the Elders, even when he’s the one talking.

#6 – Octoplox — Not so much a character as a creature.  These creatures live in the river near Bamboora village.  Though they are tiny, they are potentially deadly if you get in their way.  And though the live in and need fresh water, they are actually mammals, breathing air and capable of surviving on land for short periods, as long as they don’t let themselves get too dry.  Their meat is edible, but rubbery.  And since they’re so hard to catch and dangerous when cornered, only the rare Doodze hunts for or eats them.

#7 –Brammy is another of the village elders, and is a cranky, disagreeable old lady, who pretty much always has that scowl on her face.

Note: As you can see, I’m playing catch-up today.  AND trying to get ahead. I decided I’d rather bang out 3 quick character sketches than one fully finished illustration. To me, the point of this exercise is to create characters I can flesh out and use later; not to create super-polished, finished illustrations.  And if I’m gonna do this thing, I want to do the whole thing; all 30 days. So there you go.



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  1. MarshallPlex says:

    Im glad your all caught up and i think doing it like this is fine. A lot of people knock these out in bunches and do sketchy stuff. I know mine are mostly all first drafts that will probably be further developed.

    As far as these Characters? I love them. The cartooning is unique and fun! And I like how you repeat certain shapes and body types in a way that isnt’t too obvious but indicates they’re in the same story. Cool stuff man I look forward to the next 23 from you! 🙂

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