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Man, I’ve already fallen way behind! Let’s play catch up, shall we?

Tech Knight:

Cade Carter was the kind of student that every teacher despises: brilliant, but lazy. Able to do the very least amount of work and achieve above average grades, Cade was content to do just that throughout his collegiate career rather than pushing himself to be exceptional.

All that changed when, during an especially riveting sociology lecture through which Cade was trying desperately to sleep, a warrior clad in an advanced suit of armor crashed through the classroom wall, gunning only for Carter. Narrowly escaping, Cade finds himself trapped in the building’s labyrinthine basement, his attacker rapidly approaching. Just as he is discovered, Cade very conveniently finds a silver and black broadsword of strange and ornate design. Upon grasping it in a desperate attempt at defense, Cade is enveloped in silver and black armor and helmet, a hybrid of ancient and futuristic design. Finding himself possessed of amazing new abilities, Cade quickly disposes of his attacker, rushing back to the safety of his dorm without being seen before the sword disappears in a brilliant flash of light.

Over the next few months Cade finds that, whenever danger arises the sword seems to miraculously appear nearby. Cade uses it to defend against the increasingly strange occurrences and attacks on campus, learning in the course that the sword and armor can only be used by him.

In time Cade is contacted by a satellite orbiting the earth, possessing the simulated intelligence of his distant descendent, a brilliant scientist who, along with a team, created five weapons of incredible power. It soon became clear, however, that the corporation employing them was not an organization that should possess such artifacts. To safeguard them, the weapons were keyed to respond only to the scientists’ genetic codes. During a raid on their facilities, Cade’s descendent, in a desperate move, hid the weapons in the past, send along a digitized version of himself to watch over them.

Cade is now tasked with a vital mission: find the other weapons and guard them, before the Darelight Corporation, traveled back in time, can acquire them. His new mission, along with a glimpse at what his wasted potential can actually achieve in his accomplished descendent, Cade finds a new motivation and works to safeguard the past from the mistakes of the future.


Appearance: Tech Knight appears to be an armored knight of old (weird Mohawk helmet and all), but his adornments are distinctively futuristic, glowing with white inlays. He has a short, tattered cape flowing behind him, seemingly made of white energy.

Weapons and Paraphernalia: Tech Knight’s only weapon is his futuristic broadsword which, when held by him, covers his body in a nanotech armor.

Powers and Abilities: The full powers of Tech Knight’s sword have yet to be discovered, but so far it seems to be able to slice through any material, move with incredible speed and accuracy and project energy for a variety of effects, including slashing energy waves and continued segmentation of sliced objects.

His armor grants Cade superhuman strength, speed and protection from injury. Rocket bursts from his boots allow for swift dashes across the ground, as well as enabling him to leap more than once in mid-air. His helmet also feeds him constant intuitive updates to his surroundings, approximating a sort of psychic HUD.

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  1. Nice description. I like the mix of old and new and I can imagine Cade’s desperate search for the sword in times of danger. The first thing I thought of when I saw the name is a character in The Boys called Tek Knight, but he’s monumentally different. Great job creating a unique character!

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