#6- The Bishop

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While the focus of the Spanish Inquisition was the conversion of Jews and Muslims to the Catholic fold, there were sub factions into finding the paths of the more occult to close their evil from ever seeing the light and create a further threat to the papal stronghold. Father Moritzi was challenged with finding the sources of dark paths and black magics and in a raid discovered a box that held a tool to summoning much darker things than even the church could imagine. Upon opening the box, the priest found a fossilized husk of what appeared to be a large cockroach. During inspection, the roach came alive and burrowed itself into the priest’s stomach and overtook him and created a vessel for the prophet of the Dark Lords from a realm unnamed, as its very name would cause a mass hysteria in those within earshot.
Using the priest’s body to feed on, the Dark Prophet has been committing dark atrocities to slowly bring the Dark Lords to our world. Waiting for the perfect alignment foretold by the Mayans to bring the light to its end and extend the dark realm and the evil grasp of the Dark Lords.

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