#9 Black Dragon

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The Black Dragon

In the late 13th century the Scottish clans were being crushed under British rule. One proud family: the clan Ruadh, sought to fight back. One young man studied the shaman arts of his ancestors and searched for the lost black dragons of Loch Doughall. Against all odds he found the dragons, and lived amongst them, fighting for his life everyday and trying to harness their power to protect his clan. For years, he gained in strength, changing mentally and physically to match his new family. One day he awoke and the dragons were gone. They had gone hunting, following the shaman’s trail back to his clan, where they slaughtered every man, woman and child. The tragedy shattered the man, breaking his humanity and left him not knowing whether to avenge his clan, or accept the true nature or dragons. Now he lives centuries, with little notion of what to do with his power.



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  1. Emily Hancock says:

    Really cool character! He seems a little unbalanced though, his torso seems a lot stronger compared to his legs and narrow waist. Maybe it’s the body proportions? The rest looks great. 🙂

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