#8- Christiana Beatrix

| November 11, 2011 | 1 Comment

10 years ago, she was kidnapped by a renowned terrorist for a year and suffered from a major case of Stockholm Syndrome. She had fallen for the passion and conviction of the infamous man and ultimately the ideals for which he stood. In her rescue, the man was gunned down and his movement seemingly dissolved in a single strike. She was taken thru “therapy” where she was brainwashed to forget all that happened , including her “sympathies for this one particular man- as to not have a repeat performance. Enter modern day when all is well and she’s involved in an innocent fender bender that knocks all of those memories to the forefront. The rage, the passion and now the vengeance overcome what was once a normal, average citizen into a bloodlusting terror hellbent on balancing the acts that murdered the hero that only sought to bring truth to the light about the government ever extending its oppressive hand and clenching it around an unsuspecting people.


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  1. macb says:

    Wow that is a Great effect with the glass and reflection!

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