#13 The Hunter

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A member of Venus’ aristocracy poses beside his prize: a large, pre-terraform land beetle. Very few of them are left, and they rarely venture very far out of their burrows, as the thinner atmosphere is threatening to all but the toughest specimens. At this point in time Venus is in a transition state, with the atmosphere being replaced progressively with a mix more favourable to humans, causing the death of most of it’s previous ecosystems. Some of the indigenous life has managed to survive and adapt, to varying success, yet innumerable species are lost forever. Rumours of a conservationist movement abounded in the early 50s’, but these have yet to be validated. Venusian flora is in great demand for interior decorating, due to it’s extravagance and ephemeral appeal, despite requiring great amounts of care and resources to maintain the pressurized atmosphere bells it requires.

In the background one can see the ubiquitous atmospheric conversion machines. They constantly absorb the sulfuric acid from the air, aiding the other terraforming installations.

Also apparently the Venusian aristocracy is French.

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