#15 The Surveyor

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A humanoid surveyor delegate from the Central Supervising Committee. It’s purpose is to inform the Committee on the condition of human-centric architectural elements throughout the sprawl. As the Committee’s disembodied, or rather pan-bodied status leaves it with less insight on human requirements and conditions and more onto the immensity of supportive and auxiliary structures holding the arcology together. Therefore, the surveyor is employed to walk the hallways and catwalks designated for humans.

Temperature, toxin and bacterial sensors detect invisible hazards, and it’s eyes, hands and feet detect the physical hazards or inconveniences that would elude disembodied intelligences. It cannot be said that the Committee doesn’t care for it’s human subjects.

The surveyor’s right arm is contracted prior to a deployment of strength. It expands due to the pneumatic nature of it’s muscular system.

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