#27 – Iris Starshine

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The Pleiatic Seers are a group of the seven most powerful and pure oracles in the world.  Once every thousand years seven seers are chosen to be part of the creation of a set of prophesies for the next one thousand years. The gathering is called the Prophesy of the Whole and is held on the summer solstice.  The ruling constellation of the ceremony is the Pleiades for mythological reasons (the original seers were the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, hence the name Pleiatic Seers.)  The event is signaled by the birth of a child that contains all seven of the oracle powers – Sight, Touch, Smell, Head, Heart, Spirit-Light, and Blood, who is known as the Pleiona (the mother of the Pleiades in the myth) who is in charge of choosing and gathering all the seers together.  It can take years to find the right ones and then wait for the ages to align corrects – each seer must be a virgin woman between the ages of 7 and 49 (7 years apart each), with a single, specific, and powerful oracle ability.

Iris is a third generation hippie.  She’s a new age neo-pagan, sun-worshipping, vegetarian, enviromentally conscious, yoga-enthusiast.  Her father is the owner of a small business that makes surfboards from recycled materials, and she’s graphic artist who designs most of the board artwork.  Her mother was a sorceress who had a brief romance with her father before realizing she liked material goods to much to give them for love.  She returned only to give him the option of raising of Iris or turning her over to an adoption agency.  Despite the harsh reality of her mother’s selfishness, Iris feels very lucky to have such a wonderful father and doesn’t hold a grudge.  She’s does her own thing and doesn’t care what anyone says.  She may seem annoying at first but her warm smile and sense of humor can win over almost everyone.

One word to describe her: Carefree

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