#1 – Alex Pratt

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So it begins…

This first character I produced is one of the leads in an upcoming strip I have in development entitled “The Majors”, due for release in early 2012. The story is basically about two brothers who end up buying their favorite hockey team, only to realize that ownership isn’t as easy at it looks.

Alex Pratt is the oldest of the two brothers. He is generally impulsive, irrational and disorganized, and is the main reason why the two brothers end up getting themselves into ‘situations’ that could easily have been avoided with some forethought. Alex is a passionate sports fan, but roots mainly for his favorite hockey team, The Motor City Majors. As the self-appointed idea man of the partnership, Alex is responsible for developing hare-brained schemes for attracting more fans to Majors games, managing player personnel and figuring out ways of keeping his newly acquired team in the news.

As a reference, Alex Pratt is very similar to the Tim Taylor character from Home Improvement. Bumbling and silly, but with the best intentions in mind – misfortune seems to follow him and use him as comic relief.

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