#1 – Andrew Jackson – Paladin

| November 1, 2011 | 2 Comments

Andrew Jackson - Paladin

For this year’s challenge, I decided to go with the theme of modern historical figures as Role-Playing Game classes. I’ve done a few practice pieces over on los Tumbr so that you can see generally what I’m going for.

Our first contestant is Andrew Jackson, seventh President of the United States, pretty much the grand high llama of the inflexible position. He started out as a soldier and worked his way up to commander, gaining the nickname, “Old Hickory.” In the War of 1812, he led a group of militiamen — really, a group of pirates and slaves and anybody else that could be grabbed off the streets — to victory in the Battle of New Orleans. Really what I am trying to say is that Andy Jackson was kind of a badass, and I’d have nothing but respect for the man if he only hadn’t treated native americans like crap.

Aaaand that’s where we get to Old Hickory’s character class. There are some Paladins whose only interest is in serving the greater good. And there are some Paladins who only fight in service of their god. Andrew Jackson would not have been one of those Paladins. Andrew Jackson would have been the kind of Paladin who runs screaming into a group of Goblins, foaming at the mouth. Possibly the phrase, “Inhuman monsters” would be used. Because for all that I love Andy, he really did love holding a grudge.

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  1. LobotomyPop says:

    Awesome. Yeah, he was a dick, but he was also full of kickassery. I appreciate his giant sword, very cool.

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