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| November 1, 2011 | 10 Comments

Casia Krol

Last night I attended a character creation session for what will be a once-a-week tabletop RPG night based on The Witcher, which takes place in an 1800s fantasy version of Poland. I created a sorceress named Casia Krol, and this is a design I did for her today.

In the gaming system, sorceresses are generally those who have no other prospects in life. When Casia was younger, she was stricken by a disease that left her physically weak, twisted and ugly.  Her betrothed was instead offered the hand of her younger sister, and for all intents and purposes, her own family sough to lock her away so as to not bring shame to their house. She fled under the cover of darkness and sought sanctuary with the order called Lodge of the Sorceress.  Like many of the unwanted who become sorceresses, she used her magic to fix what medicine could not, and even went so far as to enhance her beauty in ways she’d never have come by naturally, even when she was healthy.

However, like most sorceresses, magic can’t heal some things. The mental scars she endured  when ugly and twisted remain, and as a result, her mind plays host to a multitude of crippling flaws and neuroses.  Paranoid, obsessive, vengeful, humourless, fear of commitment, cruel is the tip of the iceburg. She specializes mostly in magics that affect the psyche, curse the body and burn the souls of others. She largely spends her time mentally destroying the type of men who would have rejected her when she was ugly, and cursing the type of women who are naturally beautiful. Her major pursuit is eternal youth. I listed her concept as ‘terrible person’.

The awesome part is that the rest of the party is letting me design their characters as well. Should be fun!

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  1. ShaneMadeArt says:

    Great combination of clear design and subtle details that work really well with the limited colour palette.

  2. Nycteris says:

    Oh wow, I love it, and I love the backstory too!

  3. tompl says:

    Really great, would work really well as a shirt design.

  4. Awesome first post Ran! Im in the same boat of designing characters for a tabletop rpg for some friends, hopefully i can get permission to post them here as well.

    Lovin’ how simple yet intricate it all is, can’t wait to see what you do for tomorrow!

  5. saulone says:

    Stunning and beautiful! Really nice work on this one and a great first entry. “fav’d” 🙂

  6. Great detailing with the feather! Wow!

  7. tvface says:

    Woah! Such a nice design and coloring!

  8. Jared Lewis says:

    Love the way you did the feathers. Nice work!

  9. Omar_Ramirez says:

    Awesome character design, awesome illustration, just awesome.

  10. treyjackson says:

    Very very cool.

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