#1 – Derrick Rhodes

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Derrick and his brother, Eric, are fish out of water in the towers of Megatrix City.  The city, which calls musicians from all over the world to come play, has taken a swing for the electronic in recent years – and the two jazz-loving brothers don’t quite understand all the wub-wub-wub of the clubs there.

That said, they found their calling opening the Honey Bee, a little piano bar downtown that does just well enough for the both of them to live well.

Derrick is the younger sibling, but was worried that Eric, on his own, wouldn’t have been able to sustain the Honey Bee.  So he brought what he could: himself, and his bartending abilities, and his worn black fedora.

He also has been experimenting with ways of making that jazzy music he loves a little more club-appropriate…


Song Listened To During Creation: Catgroove – Parov Stelar.
Other Inspiring Factors: Well, maybe this video.

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