Day 1: The Hero

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Full name: Stanley Daniel Erikson
Alias: The Hero
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
Race: White
Height: 5’4”
Appearance: Thin/scrawy, shortish black hair, black eyes (without suit). (suit on) helmet (black and yellow) with dark visor, robotic arms with enlarged hands (black), tech boots w/ rocket thrusters (black), chest armor (black and yellow)
Abilities: Extreme genius with affinity for technology. Suit allows for flight, enhanced strength and pain tolerance (by factor of 50x). Helmet has up-link to crime database and AI directory
Story: As a high school sophomore, Stan Erikson was picked on by bullies, and unnoticed by the girl of his dreams. When a mysterious super villain begins attacking his city, Stan, harboring a secret flair for romantics and super heroism, decided to use his advanced knowledge of technology to create a power suit that would allow him to become the confident hero he thought would be able to win the heart of his love. He became The Hero. After a display of heroics fighting back The Villain, Stan only wanted more. Over time, he became the city’s protector, and won the heart of his love.

Little to The Hero’s knowledge, The Villain was planning to set off a bomb that would destroy half of the milky way. What’s worse, The Villain was actually the father of his love! Upon learning of the bomb, The Hero worked his way through the city’s underworld to find out where The Villain’s base was.

Finally, he found it and squared off against The Villain for a final battle. The Villain used clever tactics and his robot army, but Stan stood victorious, ready for man-to-man combat with the mysterious foe. The Hero manages to kill The Villain, knowing it would be the only way to stop the threat permanently. Stan is victorious, or so he thinks.

Stan’s love returns home to find out about her father’s identity, as well as his death at the hands of The Hero. In a maddening rage, she picks up her father’s mantle, and his mission to destroy the galaxy.

From here, Stan learns of a new Villain picking up where the previous left off, and heads back to the base to stomp down the threat he thought was gone for good. Unfortunately, his love was not the brilliant tactician her father was, and The Hero easily kills her, not knowing it is his love.

After defeating her, The Hero looks over to body to find the truth, and is driven completely mad. Alone and hollow, he triggers the galaxy bomb as a form of remembrance to his love and to be with her forever in the afterlife.
Notes: This character is meant to be the main character of a rock opera

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