#1: Eleanor Connelly

| November 1, 2011 | 3 Comments

This is Eleanor. She’s a moody 12 year old with a knack for creating gruesome but imaginative threats, sneaking rats out of the local pet store, and accurately describing the innermost regrets of a person through their hair color. Also, she’s a ginger. Everybody likes gingers.

Category: Humor

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  1. DeboraFM says:

    If I say b’aww, I’ll have to wear a hat constantly around her or I’ll cry right?

  2. The Mariner says:

    Your description is great. It’s concise, and uses good particular examples that will show us who your character is instead of telling. Well done.

  3. jacobsmacob says:

    I really like your cartoon style! I don’t even think I needed to read the description to figure out her personality. How you drew her facial expression and body language shows it all! And you have a great colouring style!

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