#1: Jesse Butler

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Name: Jesse Butler
Age: 19
Occupation: Musician, freeloader
Location: On the road unless crashing at his parent’s house in Eastlake

Character info: I decided to kickoff the 30 Characters Challenge by working on designs for a character that will pop up in my comic, “Simon Says”. Jesse appears in a flashback in issue 4, but makes his first full appearance in #5. All of the major characters have been designed, of course, but Jesse is a secondary character that hadn’t really been established yet. He does, however, play an important role in the later part of the series. He’s the ex-boyfriend of main character Angela; the two kinda broke up when his band became moderately successful and started playing gigs outside of town. He’s a complete jerk, to put it lightly, and this will become evident by his actions in issues 5 and 6. He’s definitely a metalhead guy, so I wanted his look to reflect that. Initially, I was picturing an almost 80s metal look, but since the story takes place in 1996, that wouldn’t make much sense. So, I leaned more towards combining the looks of Jason Newsted and Phil Anselmo from the early-to-mid 90s. You can check out more info about Simon Says by clicking here!

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