#1 – Jim Steel

| November 1, 2011 | 1 Comment

This is a photograph of Jim Steel, one of the organizations agents. Steel has performed missions for all of the large intelligence agencies as well as several black ops organizations, including this one. Steel is currently at large in the world and we’re trying to bring him in.  However, seven years and 40 dead agents later, this is the only thing we have… a single photograph.  Unfortunately for us, this picture was not taken by any of our agents… it was actually taken by Steel himself, in the home of our organization’s director, where he found it the next morning taped to his bathroom mirror. We are unclear if this is a threat, a warning to leave him alone, or merely Steel showing off. In either case, our mission is to find him, bring him in, and not become a number on the long list of agents lost in Steel’s recovery. Good luck!









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  1. DeboraFM says:

    I hope he’s showing off.

    I want to get under his glasses unf. BUT I AM A SUCKER FOR PERSPECTIVE AS WELL SO.

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