#1 Patricia & Murdoc

| November 1, 2011 | 4 Comments

Murdoc was a powerful wizard who accidentally cast a fatal curse on himself, turning him into a floating, talking skull for the rest of his now shortened life. His last hope is put into his daughter, Patricia. To save her father, she takes up his enchanted robe to gradually learn his trade. Can she save her father before it’s too late?

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  1. ElZee3 says:

    I love this idea, I’d read the hell out of it!

  2. G says:

    Oh I like this, very cute! I really like the design with a simple but expressive face. Like the robe detail too.

  3. Odiolitos says:

    I’m not normally into this style, but mans is this beautiful!! Also, a great plot starter…

  4. The Mariner says:

    This is another case where I think simplicity in detail is what really makes the characters. I also think the names are a very good choice. I didn’t get the father/daughter vibe from looking at it, and I think it could be more interesting if they weren’t related, but regardless you’ve got a great pair of characters here.

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