#1: Xiu-Xiu Lo Pan

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Xiu-Xiu (pronounced “Choo-Choo”) Lo Pan is a Chinese-American private detective in an alternative Las Vegas that looks more Blade Runner than Sin City.  Taking his styling cues from Dean Martin, Xiu-Xiu is usually seen with his thin tie, french-cuffed shirt, black suit with a shawl-collared jacket, pompadoured hair and an eternal cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth.  Everything about him – his look, his attitude, his manner of speaking – seems to have evolved from the Rat Pack era.

Currently, Xiu-Xiu is trying to solve the murder of his business partner, while simultaneously trying to close the case his partner took on just before he died:  help a woman named Dahlia remember who she is and how she lost her memory.

As he works to find the answers to both cases, he finds himself stymied in each direction by a man with no eyes, a robot slavery ring, and corrupt police – and realizes that they may all be connected.

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