30 Characters Challenger: Drew Marie

| November 1, 2011 | 0 Comments

 Hey there, folks!

My name is Drew, and I’m a fourth year CS major.  I was torn between Nanowrimo and this challenge this year, and because of some major time crunches going on right now (can you say grad school?!) I figure this might be the more doable challenge.

I’m a writer and an artist, and thus also dabble in the graphic narrative realm, but I have yet to finish anything, really.  I figure this is a way to flesh out some characters in a world I’ve created that stays near and dear to my heart, and perhaps get the ball rolling on a webcomic I wish to start!  So, my theme is going to be Music Genres.  That might sound funky, but you’ll see what I mean when I start sketching.  And there are -definitely- 30 music genres out there.  Heck, I could probably come up with 30 within the “electronic” subset alone!

I’m a bit behind already (what with only posting my information today), but I’ll catch up.  I’m looking forward to meeting awesome people, so feel free to say hi!  🙂


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