#1: Hedgehog

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(Sorry, don’t draw. Enjoy this instead.)

Name: Hector Espino
Known Aliases: Hedgehog, Thorn
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’10
Weight: 173 pounds (unaltered,) 211 pounds (with powers in full use)

Bio: Born January 8th, 1983 to a pair of El Salvadorean immigrants. The third of four children, Hector grew up in a disadvantaged home in southern California. His grades remained above average throughout his education, although disciplinary action was taken against him for fighting in ten of the twelve years of his schooling.

Once he graduated, Hector joined the United States armed forces and was deployed for a tour of duty in Afghanistan. He won both several citations for insubordination and two Purple Hearts, as well as a Silver Star for saving two injured comrades who were caught in the line of fire.

In 2002, an electrical fire burned down his childhood home, killing both of his parents. Hector was not able to attend their funeral. Once his tour ended, in 2003, Hector returned to California and got work with his eldest brother Manuel.

It was at this point Hector was deemed a suitable candidate for Operation: At the Gates. He was approached with an offer on May 2nd, 2004. He accepted with little argument.

Hector was taken to the San Antonio base, where he was subjected to a battery of tests. The test was a success, and Hector was codenamed “Hedgehog Patient 1”,  for no patient had ever manifested abilities quite like his before.

Hector has remained in the service of the Task Force since the test succeeded in 2004. List of his missions and achievements are as follows:

[The next several pages of the file have been torn out.]

…citations for insubordination, including arguments with officers of the task force.

Powers: Hector can manifest organic spikes anywhere on his body. He may do so through serious concentration, and the more time he has to prepare, the more spikes he can generate.  The spikes are almost as hard as diamonds and razor sharp, allowing Hector to puncture holes in nearly anything he touches.

The spikes also have energy absorbing principles. Test show that, with the spikes deployed, Hector can withstand concussive forces that would cripple or kill an unaltered human. As he becomes more versed in their use, Hector has become progressively better at deploying the spikes. One of his preferred techniques is sticking his palm on an opponent’s forehead, then deploying as many spikes as he can on his palm.

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Young writer, aspiring novelist. Rather persistent about not growing up. I've been crafting characters in my head for a while now, and so it's about time to get these cowboys, superheroes, and aliens onto paper.

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  1. Hey, cool idea! Is this a superhero design?

    • It is! I’ve been crafting superheroes in my head a lot lately, and I can’t stop. This is the first one that’s gone on paper. If I ever wrote whatever it is this would be about, Hedgehog would likely be the protagonist.

      • That’s awesome! I love seeing other people’s superhero concepts! Do you have plans to design more over the 30 Characters challenge?

        Making me want to revive my superhero team concepts.

  2. I’ve got a bunch of other ideas that I’ll be putting out there. I’ll probably be submitting superheroes for the first ten days, at the least.

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