Day 1 Amalgaman

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Day 1 Amalgaman



Mild mannered gene splicing scientist Jerry Gilmore was on the verge of completing his collection of every known gene of every known being within his galaxy.  Upon his galactic starship as he was placing the final gene within the holding cell (basically a bunch of huge vacuum sealed drums), the protective field suddenly blinked out and his ship was bombarded by micro comets causing a disruption, which caused the ship and everything within it to implode,resulting in a gooey singularity.  Though Jerry survived (his assistants did not), he has been forever changed into a being which was bathed in the genes of every living being in the galaxy.  He can now become anything at any time, though more often than not that is really not a great power to have.

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I have been creating art ever since I was strong enough to hold a pencil-in all these years my art has been involved in art gallery shows across America, I have taught art class at a major University, and have had tons of fun creating art! I am currently working on some exciting projects with Hollywood screenwriter Dustin Warburton, former welter weight boxing champion of the world Kostya Tszyu, and former boxing sensation Jesse James Leija. I am also the creator of a little webcomic called Ye Gawds! which is hosted at my site It is a mythical story with a twist; two burly gods, a sexy goddess and an out of control situation! Sometimes the Universe doe's answer.

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