#1 Felix Acadia

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  Felix is a 17 year old boy who comes from a rich family in a steampunkish world. He lived with his mother, father and younger sister in their mansion. His parents weren’t home a lot and always busy running their business, but Felix and his little sister were very close. An unfortunate thing happened when Felix and his family were going on vacation,when he was about 11, and the train they were riding crashed. The crash killed all of Felix’s family and left him crippled. He lost both his arms and his right leg. He was found by a young kitsune named Aven and her grandfather, they immediately rushed him to the hospital. Over the time he spent in the hospital Aven visited quite frequently and when he was finally released he went and lived with Aven and her grandfather. Her grandfather was a mechanic who ran his own shop and with his help Aven was able to make prosthetic limbs for Felix. Unfortunatly for Felix he is unable to return home because he ended up with some memory loss after the train wreck and is unable to remember where it is.

Category: 2011, Fantasy, Manga, Steampunk

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