#1 – Joseph “Joe” Hagen

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Joseph Hagen is the son of an immensly rich industrialist in 1920 Germany.
Bored to the max, this young man has done everything a bored man can do: traveled the world, learned lots of sports, spent time on parties, mingled with the stars (he fames himself with having sparred with Douglas Fairbanks). He is an expert marksman and proficient hand-to-hand combatant.
And he sees absolutely no meaning in his life.
Until a stranger enters his life and sets in motion a bizarre adventure during which “Joe” reluctantly learns to value life itself, and saves the world from a raging war.

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Sam is a prized comicbook artist from Germany. He is co-founder and head teacher of the first free school for comicbook arts (est. 2003), located in Munich, Germany.

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