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Kendric is incredibly mild mannered. He’s also very WELL-mannered. He’s a bit of a mother’s-boy, but as the middle son of the head shipwright of the Himmerd fleet, he gets equal portions of love and harrassment from his very critical mother. He himself isn’t a bad shipwright, in fact he dabbles at all sort of tasks. That’s probably one of only two things that worries him on a constant basis. His lack of real talent or direction in life, and the state of his homeland, the isle of Himmerd. Himmerd had recently been taken over by an unknown militant force, and though not all the villagers made it off the island, the ones who did have been constantly trying ot find aid for their country, but have been unsucessful at getting anyone’s attention without sacrificing their claims to the Lodestones which make up the mysterious floating island they call home.


Let me give an aside about their homeland for a moment. Himmerd is a great island floating in the sky, roughly 5 x 10 miles in size, which the people of the island have cultivated and grown to understand very fully over the course of ten or twenty generations. Though magic exists in this world, the ability to fly, and even more so, the ability to carry much more weight than a human being into the air, is mainly reserved to the crafts that the residents of Himmerd make from the lighter-than-air materials native to that island. So they enjoyed a controlled level of interaction with all the countries around them for several centuries before the attack occurred. Without any distinct ties to the political powers around them, the refugees have taken to standard water-sailing while they try to work out a strategy to regain their island before any permanent damage has been done to the resources there. Not to mention, they’d like their home back!


Kendric meets Leandra at her job (she is the materials-keeper/ assayer/ shopkeep for what equates to a general store or pawn shop in that town) when he tries to sell a lodestone at his mother’s insistence. When Leandra catches the owner trying to buy the stone for a small percent of what it’s worth, she insists on paying Kendric fairly. From there, their friendship blossoms as he has to deal with her and the trades council while the island families are docked in that town. When events turn strange, his family offers her protection in the form of anonymity amongst their crews in return for her services as a Wizard.

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  1. Huh, at a glance I thought he’d be more of a scoundrel than a well-mannered mama’s boy 😉

    • PlotholeTsi says:

      well, I’m still trying to get his ‘look’ how I want it. I’m trying for something a bit between ‘thoughtful silent dude’ ‘well-meaning country bumpkin’ and ‘overly-nice-guy who gets snowed quite often’. He’s really a very complex character, but I didn’t want to go on and on describing him for too long 🙂

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