#2 – Stuart MacBee

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And this is why I do writing contests and not art. You're welcome.

Stuart is an eleven year-old boy who lives in the small town of Winter Falls, Maine. It’s a poor town that’s seen better days, but so far Stuart is a decent kid. He’s bright and popular and good-looking, and most of the other town kids look up to him. Of course, he is eleven, so sometimes he lets that get to him, which leads to him getting into trouble with whatever friend he can rope into his scheme. But if he can stay grounded, he has a really good chance of making it out of Winter Falls and becoming someone who can contribute meaningfully to society.

Oh, wait, no. He can’t.

He’s dead.

After convincing his best friend Dylan to go swimming in the abandoned – and very much forbidden – Oldjak Quarry, Stuart slips and falls into the freezing, black water far below. Dylan fears for his friend’s life, but then fears for a lot more when the water erupts upward in a great waterspout that carries the broken and battered body of Stuart with it. Something speaks through the boy – whose soul is still trapped in his now-possessed body – telling Dylan that, “[your] masters are coming back,” and that they should “prepare.”

When Dylan asks exactly what they should prepare for, the entity simply laughs, and then lets the water drop, along with the now-vacated corpse of Stuart. Dylan is left alone on the edge of the quarry to face his madness.

Stuart’s terrible end can be found in his story, The Quarry.

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