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McFarland Ninja Cinematographer

Worth more than all the rice in China...

The man known as “Ninjamatographer” was once one of the most wealthy assassins in the world, taking double-blind “hit” assignments and saving nearly every penny.  For nearly a decade Digu Tanaka pinched pennies and subsisted on a diet of rice and whole beans.  He knew that he would never be in charge when he was so valuable as a man on the streets.

“One day, I told myself, one day I will get to be the one who calls the shots,” Digu exclaimed to us.  “I will not spend my life being underrated.”

When he reached his monetary goal, he sold his well-wetted sword and picked up a camera and a boom mike instead.  No longer must Digu push people around by fear of force or take from them by violence.

“Now people just give me their money and do what I say because I’m cool!  There are more ladies who like to be seen with a big-man Hollywood director than with a feared and dangerous killer!  Lots more!”

低 ä¼° – Digu Tanaka

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Illustration and graphic design as career goals is evident through the massive amount of work I have been producing in the last few years. The entire focus and purpose of my life since 2006 has been a progression of moving my career into the illustration fields, and specifically the sequential art illustration field. Living in Portland I learned what sacrifices it takes to make a serious career out of illustration and design. For four years I have been self-publishing multiple zine and comic titles, doing 24 Hour Comics whenever possible, and tabling at cons in cities all over the Northwest and Widwest American States including Washington, Oregon, and Colorado. My career history involves a over a decade in successful business management, and so eventually it is my goal to be a project manager for a graphic design firm, or editor for a comic book company, with attention always to penciling jobs when available. It is my ongoing goal to pencil daily, render for at least three hours. - J.

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  1. Haha, this is pretty clever. I like the motion in the flipping pose.

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