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Let’s start off by saying making an aquatic-themed hero is a challenge. Most aquatic heroes are considered pretty lame by the comics-reading community for a number of reasons: their super powers aren’t so “super.” Few cape stories take place under water.  They have silly costumes (when they wear any at all).  They’re just not relevant.  Yes, most aquatic-themed superheroes get no respect, but I had a recent bout of inspiration that may change that. 

Elliot Vargas is a young college student who lives in San Diego, CA and studies physics and astronomy.  One the young man stumbles upon a suit of armor of what appears to be alien origins that he finds while stargazing in the middle of the desert.  He dons the suit which quickly sticks to his body and compels him to go to the water.  Elliot begins using the suit to explore the depths, and while this all seems fun at first, the magical undersea journey comes to a crashing halt when Elliot discovers a mysterious submarine in the waters not far outside of San Diego bay.  The submarine is revealed to contain 7,500 kilos of pure, uncut cocaine.

If we could have a thought bubble coming off him right now, it’d probably read “Holy f*cking sh*t!”

Elliot anonymously notifies the authorities of the monstrous find, but he soon finds himself being pursued by drug cartel killers and government agents interested in the suit.  Elliot’s life ultimately becomes a complicated mess of running, juggling school, and being compelled to go back to the water night after night by the suit.

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  1. Jande says:

    Really love this! You have such a clean style.

  2. I love this design and this guy’s background! How awesome!

  3. G.R. says:

    HA! I love your P.O.V. on aqua characters- I think there are two exceptions , Namor, and Atlanton of course. Love the hands, make perfect sense under water. Great!

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