Day 03 – The Demon Maximus

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The Demon Maximus aka Maximus or Max has a rather incomplete past as of this moment. When Max was a pre-teen the small remote village he was born and raised in discovered he was not as human as they thought. He was abducted by the local cult as a sacrifice to their god. By sheer coincidence, Grizelda Vedette was out exploring her new found super powers when she came across the anomaly, rescuing the young Max and releasing him out of the village’s reach. Grizelda left Max before he could properly thank her. Having become infatuated with Grizelda and her kindness towards him he vowed to find her again someday. Ten years later he ended up in her home town where despite his devilish nature, he does all he can to repay her for her hospitality (even if she is completely indifferent towards him).

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