#3 The Ghost of Dead Jessica

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The Ghost of Dead Jessica

Jessica Died at age 17. She was lost in a forest when she got attacked by a pack of wolves and was killed quickly and painlessly. Fortunately for her, while that was the end of her life, it wasn’t the end of her story. Her spirit was allowed to become a ghost to haunt the forest in which she was killed. And that is what she did.

For about a year.

And then she got bored with it. Haunting is very repetitive and not that many people go into forests any more, so instead she decided to study. She obviously couldn’t go to school and her body has almost no impact on physical objects, but she can turn pages with her ghostly hands and luckily for her, she had a whole host of abandoned books to choose from!

So Jessica i suppose is what you would call a nice learned ghost girl. Before her death she was quite pretty, and she has managed to keep herself looking quite nice except for the fact that every now and then a ghost image of her previous body will fade into view.


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We (Josh and Maha) are a pair of design students from New Zealand who love making things up. We decided to try the 30 characters challenge as a team because we often create characters and stories together and this seemed like a good reason to put them on the internet! I (Josh) am the writer of the team and will be creating the character profiles and controlling our uploads while Maha will be drawing all our characters up!

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  1. Mr.Shorty says:

    Love the idea. Love the drawing.

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