#4 – Belle Starr – Rogue

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Belle Starr - Rogue

A rather famous outlaw from the Midwest, Belle Star was actually referred to as the “female Jesse James.” Which is bizarre, but it gets the point across. She was stylish, a crack shot, and from what I can tell, kind of violent, all of which feeds together to create a character who ends up feeling rather legendary.

In RPGs, there tend to be two outlaw-style classes; Rogues and the more ubiquitous Thieves. Though similar in many respects, these classes have distinctly different focuses. The Thief’s main interest is in items, specifically relieving enemies of as many of them as possible. Conversely, the Rogue uses the same basic techniques, but with a focus on dealing damage. Where the Thief would dart behind an enemy in order to pick their pocket, the Rogue would simply plant a knife in the enemy’s back. Given Belle Starr’s violent criminal record, she seemed a better candidate for Rogue.

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  1. I like her wild west-combined-with-soldier look.

  2. Nycteris says:

    That is such a sweet Steampunk costume!

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