#4 – Harry Alias

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[The following was taken from reports to Interpol Director Francis Croke on the suspected personal of a international organization known as A.B.R.A.C.A.D.A.B.R.A. Whether A.B.R.A.C.A.D.A.B.R.A is a vigilante group, freedom fighters or terrorists is still being investigated]

Name: Harry Vorak

Alias: Harry Preston, Harry Trent, Harry Cale, Harry Gibbons, Harry Cain, Harry Smith, Harry Kent, Harry Gregg, Harry Clark, Harry Allen, Harry Jordon, Harry Rayner, Harry West, Harry Horn, Harry Jackson, ect

Age: 31

Height: 6’0

Current weight:140

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Group Affiliations: A.B.R.A.C.A.D.A.B.R.A

Distinguishing skills/features: There are reports that harry uses two single shot pistols that he keeps spring loaded up his sleeves. There are also reports that he keeps a collapsable sword somewhere on his person at all times. He is an expert illusionist and escape artists that he used to great effect during his days as a thief.

History: Harry Vorak was born in Las Vegas, Nevada to a show girl mother and although his father is unknown we have reason to believe that he was a notable stage magician that paid off Harry’s mother to avoid a scandal. His mother used this money to ensure that Harry could attend prestigous private schools where Harry excelled at academics at an early age, and became renowned competitor in fencing. However as he got older he exhibited certain rebellious tendency such as gambling, drinking and perhaps the worst (at least in his mothers eyes) he began practicing practical magic to the point where he was being paid to play small parties at the age of sixteen. By the time he graduated  he was offered a prestigious apprenticeship under master magician Trevor Faust, a disciple of Houdini.

Its at this point Harrys life started getting complicated, although he was learning by leaps and bounds under Faust his relationship with his mother deteriorated due to her belief he was throwing his life away. After this Harry threw himself into his work, becoming a master escape artist and close up magician within three years. This was also around the time he became a barely functioning alcoholic until the night Faust died in an attempted escape due to Harry’s own carelessness. He quit drinking that night.

After this Harry started touring on his own, but in all of the places he performed a theft of notable valuables was always reported. Eventually was caught stealing from a museum that hired him for a charity dinner. He evaded the authority’s and began his traveling again under assumed aliases, Only keeping a name long enough to finish a job.

It is not believed that Harry keeps any of the money from his thefts, just his stage performances, as it appears whatever money he got from selling stolen valuables was given to take care of his mothers hospice bills. His Mother does not seem to know her son is paying for these fees, only told its being handled by a wealthy benefactor.

Present Day: Its believed that harry was recruited into A.B.R.A.C.A.D.A.B.R.A around the time BT Barnum was which both explains why all warrants for Harrys crimes were resended (it has been proven that  A.B.R.A.C.A.D.A.B.R.A has tremendous reach in most governments) and how he began working as BT Barnums assistant.

Psych Evaluation: Like most magicians Harry has issues with telling the truth  which frequently denies him the ability to have truthful long lasting relationships. And although his outer exterior may be flippant and nonchalant he is haunted by the fact he is responsible for the death of his mentor and the declining health of his mother. More than any other agent of A.B.R.A.C.A.D.A.B.R.A we have encountered Harry seems to have the most drive to better himself or risk being devored by his own inner demons.

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