#4 Lettie Carlson

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Wife. Entrepreneur. Ph.D.



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Name: Leticia “Lettie” Carlson.

Age: 42.

Appearance: Petite (5’3).  Blonde hair, brown eyes, pale skin. Mostly German family background. Her fashion sense is pure power suit: big shoulders, severe hairstyles, pencil skirts and pumps.

Personal: Lettie graduated in 1997 with a Ph.D in philosophy from Kent State, then promptly applied a variety of other skills to setting up a successful chain of dry cleaning businesses with her husband Hearst. She has a Boston terrier named Winslow, drinks incredible amounts of coffee, and is oddly protective of her husband.

Overview: A college buddy of Hearst’s brought Lettie and Hearst into an investment group intent on buying lucrative land and properties in Cleveland…and the Carlsons end up terrorizing local businesses and landowners in their attempts to make them sell. But a pair of vigilante types have begun making life difficult for Lettie, Hearst, and their thugs.

Category: 2011, Drama, Fantasy

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